Press ups - how many can you do?

50 in one go is ok

Right Becs so 12 tomorrow - no slacking and let us know how you got on.

No sneaking off in the bushes for a number 2 either !!!


you've fought the heavy weight champ of the world - I had you down like ROCKY
Not quite. I've boxed the Cruiserweight champion of the World :D. He obviously wasn't trying that hard though.


I used to do hundreds of press ups when I boxed as a younger lad, I don't do any now as I lift weights which better for my age group. I still do 50 - 80 sit ups on training days..


I reckon I could knock 50 out. Might try tomorrow.

Been doing Tyson Fury's workout with Mrs. X a few times a week, and running almost every day - but really missing the gym.