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    How is parking over enforced in Sunderland? Park in the multitude of facilities provided and pay the asking price. If you want to be a bellend and park where you want with no regard for the safety or access or others you deserve a ticket. We need more traffic wardens as they keep the streets safe for pedestrians and other drivers. Absolute heroes like the angels who work for the nhs and emergency services free of charge for our benefit iirc
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  2. I would like a couple hired to drive around town looking for dangerously parked vehicles parked on bends, junctions and entrances to streets. Also blocking paths for wheelchairs and buggies.
  3. steve30000

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    What about these streets where cars are parked on the kerb all the way down either side?

    Get them to park on the road properly, so they block the whole road off?

    Not thinking about this, are ya?
  4. Mackem00

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    We live on estates incapable of handling the amount of cars families own nowadays.

    Sainsburys is the place to park imo.
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  5. soapster

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    That's true. a lot of families now have 2 cars, yet modern estates have drives for 1 car.
    That does not take into account when families grow up and therefore more cars come into to it. so for a drive for 1 we have to have space for 3 or 4 cars.
    Cars are also getting bigger

    I understand its a space thing and trying to squeeze more houses onto that land but we need to stop it and think of the future. planners should demand that car parking spaces for family homes should have at least 2 car parking spaces off road
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  6. Bishop Boy

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    Not standing up for The designers, but garage and drive equals two spaces in their specs. Despite the fact most cars don’t fit in garages.
  7. Teed

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    Me too mate, there's one house that have a car each and then a works van, all parked out on the pavement obstructing pedestrians, but the most annoying thing is, the stupid sod's got a two car drive and they never use it, the roads around here are really narrow, so everyone, my self included park, half on, half off the pavement, these plonkers park fully on the pavement leaving people no choice but to walk on the road around them and to top it off, the stupid twat parks on the corner of this narrow road and the road is a bus route.
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  8. soapster

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    which again is a design fault. A lot of people like me, never used the garage as a garage but more as a workshop. Now converted it to a study and extended the kitchen.

    a garage should not be included as a parking area although that is what it is designed for. Yet as you say most cars will not fit into a garage. my neighbour changes his cars every 2 years. he insists on a test drive, to his his, to see if the car will fit into his garage

    have a word with your councillor, that means it can be kept in house so to speak.

    Problem will be if nothing is done, something will happen and it will get clamped down on and everybody will complain. may be strange, but when your neighbour parks full on the pavement, he probably thinks he is doing the road users a favour, which he is. however he causes danger to pedestrians
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  9. mcq10

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    Family across the road from me have the works van for their business parked on the street, husband has his works car and a big merc. The wife has a BMW 4 x 4, the daughter has a car and they’ve just bought the son one. They are a fucking nuisance to the street. Everyone uses their drives except this lot and there is several times I’ve come in from work to find they’ve blocked my driveway.

    Fucking coward won’t answer his door as well when I knock on to ask him to move his car.

    He always sends the wife out.

    I’m not one of these lunatics who gets worked up about parking spaces but it’s common courtesy to think about your neighbours.

    There’s no need for that many cars in one household. Particularly given we live 5 minutes walk from a metro station
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  10. Mackem00

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    Yeah that's a tricky one but I'm sure we all agree the people who don't put any of their car on the kerb are twats tho. ;)
  11. alisafc

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    I do the darlo one but even there people do park on the verges, it's for an hour at most so as long as they aren't parked dangerously or blocking paths is it really an issue other than money making?

    Agree with you on first point aswell, same in the villages with a lot of terraces, parking is horrendous where I live. What would help is permits. One car per household and any other has to park where ever else. There's 7 houses and 8 spaces on my street yet only 2 of us have 1 car (one has 3 and th rest have 2)and 3 others from further down park here yet have off street parking just can't be bothered to drive round the back.
  12. soapster

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    however it could be the council could do a leaflet drop, to explain the dangers and ask people to use their drives to park their cars and to be considerate for both pavement and road users.

    Everybody knows this is an issue, yet planners allow for the local authority standard road width to be used. This standard width used is clearly inadequate now
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  13. Kevsgreat

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    This, especially when you look at the areas around town that were built in the late 1800s / early 1900s. Thin streets of terraced houses, most houses with a car or two. They were never designed with that in mind.

    Then again driving around some new build estates it can be just as bad with cars parked on the sides of the road because there's not enough space. Or maybe people don't know how to park in a driveway.

    Yeah but who'd be the first to post on here about the waste of money parking leaflet drop?
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  14. safc...hic!

    safc...hic! Midfield

    Round by the footy pitches is a joke some days, can be 20 cars lined up half on the paths on a busy road. Im pleased theyre doing something about it.
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  15. vinegar hill

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    Well, they’ll have been the classroom snitches.
    Telling tales to teacher.
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  16. soapster

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    I wouldn't because it is an issue and the cost is negligible.

    new estate up Tunstall is a prime example.

    why not try the softly softly approach first of all. a tragedy will occur, surely we all have a responsibility to try and avoid that tragedy occuring
  17. K3NA

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    The Wife (no) works part time as a tennis coach at the Puma Centre and on Saturday mornings she can't get bloody parked due to the people doing the park run parking all over the place. The car park is for people that pay to use the centre. That's why the traffic wardens were brought in.
  18. Kevsgreat

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    Me neither, but you know what some are like.
  19. tooliohelmet

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    Some are, some arent...same as any walk of life. The one that tried to ticket me in Durham was one like!
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  20. Scimmy

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    There should be an offence of inconsiderate parking in areas where parking is allowed, e.g. parking one car's length away from the car in front of or behind you, effectively using up almost two car parking spots. Would be very hard to police though due to the element of who parked first.
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