It’s got to shut and lads who work there need to get their heads round it.Probs be for months not weeks aswell,no body is going to be buying cars for a longtime.


The government need to act and force banks, local councils, utility companies etc to introduce payment holidays for all those effected by their firms or own businesses having to shutdown and be bringing in no money. They also need to work out ways to provide funds for those who can’t afford to put food on the table.

Also companies that provide nonessential services need to be sympathetic and offer payment holidays, otherwise this country is going to end up proper fucked.


They need to shut the pubs then as this will be used as one big holiday piss up
That's what is desirable. An element ignore the advice and help transmit the disease slowly rather than large sudden peaks
People should be fined thousands of pounds like in spain
But what happens when Spain lifts the ban? Suddenly there is a massive spike and their health system collapses.
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