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  1. E Tenebris Lux

    E Tenebris Lux Goalkeeper

    It seems that HMRC are still actively pursuing NUFC for systematic abuse of tax evasion and NI fraud . The
    high court rejected their challenge over the seizure of documents, computers and other equipment.
    If the Premier League take action against the club they could suffer points deductions and European cup expulsion, which won't effect them.
    This action is slow moving and could easily deter new buyers.
    Maybe Mike will be there for a while longer.
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  2. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    the fact the new buyers have no money and will be wanting an excuse to walk away will more likely scupper it..
  3. AB22 Easy Tiger

    AB22 Easy Tiger Nocturnal Tourist Staff Member Contributor

    We live in hope
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  4. Secret Visage

    Secret Visage Winger

    So no new news in this thread then :confused:
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  5. Sima

    Sima Striker Lost Magpie

    Our mega-rich new overlords are simply buying HMRC. Problem solved.
  6. AndyGray1985

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  7. Smartin

    Smartin Winger

    Still think this the standard Mike Ashley.... "Im selling.....oh wait no im not!" which he seems to pull every pre season/ January.

    Bet he keeps the club, makes himself a fair bit of cash, even after signing some random fanny from the el salvador premier League for 10 million.
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  8. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    well he is seriosly down on his investment in newcastle-ive no idea what cash he is making for himself.
  9. Smartin

    Smartin Winger

    How is he down?
  10. cbwhu

    cbwhu Winger

    the new buyers have already bid with this going on??

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  11. kildaremackem

    kildaremackem Midfield

    he loaned the club over £100m-not had it all back yet-i think he paid £125m for it-and loaned it £125m for a £250m valuation..he hasnt had £125m back out of the club yyet..

    the owe him £111m..Why NUFC paid Ashley £33m
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  12. Smartin

    Smartin Winger

    I thought he bought the club for 50 million? or was that the controling share? either way I cant see him being out of pocket.

    Oh well, I tend to stay away from reading the Chronicle to be honest.
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  13. Grumpy Old Man

    Grumpy Old Man Striker

    That will be covered by indemnity clauses in any deal. The only aspect of the HMRC investigation that could affect the deal is the prospect of FA sanctions for illegal payments, previous cases of which have resulted in enforced relegation. Even that could be addressed by withholding some of the purchase price pending resolution of the investigation.
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  14. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

    Clutching at straws
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  15. L1lyBrown

    L1lyBrown Winger

    Stripping them of the Inter City Fairs cup
  16. HebburnMackem

    HebburnMackem Striker

    I'll take your Eve of Destruction and raise you Symphony of Destruction!

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  17. safcforever

    safcforever Striker

    Sounds desperate.

    I want more mega rush buyers to buy PL clubs. It’s just a shame NUFC has to be one of them
  18. Vauxie

    Vauxie Midfield

    I heard never on like
  19. dont forget the Intertoto sheet of A4 paper
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  20. Mboma

    Mboma Midfield

    If it's up to either the Premier League or the FA then all they have to do is bung them a few brown envelopes full of cash.

    Problem solved.

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