Mr Creosote, RIP

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R.I.P mate.

The sad thread we had on Xmas eve is what prompted me to re-activate my account, after the board changes, instead of just lurking again. If only just to be able to add my condolences.
I am not a grief junkie or any of that, but I like to think that kind words, even from strangers, are of comfort in times like these.

I know I would get a laugh from some of the things said here, if I were in the OP's position.

(I was not able to re-activate my account until tonight.)


He's not been on here for over a year, but many may remember the cheery, optimistic postings of Mr Creosote (aka Graham Mole). I got a text from his daughter today letting me know that he had sadly passed away.

His funeral will take place at Sunderland crem at 1.30 on Friday (7th Feb), followed by food and drinks at his favourite boozer, the Chesters. Anyone who knew Graham is welcome to attend. The rest of you can fuck off.

He loved his daughter very much. I remember him posting about her often so I did a quick search and found this beautiful post:

Mr CreosoteNew Member
in ascending order....any v8, harley, spitfire baby girl howling just before the midwife handed her to me, she then went...`haaa`, and i tucked her up in the bassinette....happy days
Aug 12, 2011
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