The Gaffer
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Look at the "Staff Online" box (depends what device you use as to where it is or whether you can see it or not). Not all mods that are online will be visible there all of the time though depending on their privacy settings.

If you have a post or something to report use the report "button" that way all mods that are online will be notified.


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Where is the staff online box please? I cant find it on the iphone, desktop or surface pro.
If there are staff online and they are showing their online status and aren't hidden, the box is directly above the "users online" box in all formats.
If none are showing their status as online, the box won't be there.

As stated above, for various reasons they may not be showing themselves visibly, it doesn't mean nobody is available, or that someone won't become available soon, so the report button on a post is always the best way to alert any staff.