Minder or Only Fools and Horses??

vinegar hill

There’s nothing between them in my opinion, both of the highest order.
Jason’s talents are well documented, but George Cole is no lesser talent.
He’s superb and he simply creases me up with some of his lines.
OFAH had loads more characters, grandad, uncle Albert, Trigger, Boysey & Marlene, Denzel, Mike the landlord, that dodgy copper (Raquels ex) even Mickey Pierce. This made for more interesting and funny story lines, like most BBC sit coms it went on to long though
Minder, was the same story rehashed every week, still a good watch as George Cole was such a great actor, they should have canned it once Waterman left
Minder shouldn't be compared with OFAH,maybe what's best minder,the Sweeney or the professionals,OFAH is head and shoulders above.
I'm not really that's a valid comparison either. The Sweeney and The Professionals didn't play for laughs in the way Minder did. Minder was a comedy drama, whereas OFAH was an out and out sitcom. I'd say a more valid comparison for Minder would be Auf Wiedersehen, Pet!.


I dont even think they should have become Millionaires. The charm with the first episodes was that they were never going to become rich.

Lord Potts

I always liked Minder because I liked George Cole. I never watched Only Fools because David Jason always irritated me even when he was on Do Not Adjust Your Set. Still the world turned out to be his lobster


Love minder and George Cole is truly one of the greats but due to the sheer number of brilliant characters and genuinely funny scenes only fools just edges it.