Man and woman have been charged with conspiring to bring a child to the UK to harvest the child's organs


Full Back
The blokes a Nigerian Senator and was depute leader of teh Senate for 3 terms
Hence the sheer bizzare confidence he had to even attempt it. Wants chopping up himself and all his decent organs put to use within the NHS.. Some extremely sickening folk kicking about these days..

Super Elmo

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Wonder if he can claim diplomatic immunity?
They wouldn’t have been able to bring a prosecution if he was claiming diplomatic immunity. The state from which he originated can also waive it. So presume he is either not high enough up in the food chain to have full immunity or the state has waived it.
Organs from a street child for his daughter apparently.

It can't just be me who finds the line "The senator was wearing a grey sweater while his wife was wearing a black and white knitted cardigan at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court today." a little superfluous in the Mail's report?


I think you have missed the mark here Lamby..

This type of story crops up rarely in the UK.

Not disputing it doesn't happen in China , India and various parts of the world but within Europe it's not common at all

Maybe tbf I do see a lot of global media I guess


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WTAF is wrong with some people?

If someone can do that to a child they should be locked away in a 2m2 windowless room and fed gruel with minimal life sustaining vitamins for the rest of their lives.
Send a hungry wolf in to chew off a toe or finger every few months as well so they know what it feels like to be cruelly mutilated



Think this is the sort of case where the Met can't win. You have the Community activists saying there needs to be something done but if a task force was set up the same Guardian readers would probably be claiming racist policing, demonising a particular ethnic group with over exaggerated horror stories.

The problem needs to be corrected at the source. Widespread education of poor African communities through UN programmes.