Lord of the rings TV series

I’d love to watch the two towers in the cinema again, when the battle of helms deep was on it was f***ing brilliant
I remember when we went to see The Two Towers it had just come out and you could barely get in (remember those days?). We got there and the only seats we could all get together were right on the front row - whey they were shite. Why anyone would sit there to watch a film is beyond me. Luckily there were some free seats about half way up so me n a couple of the lads moved and enjoyed the rest of the film from a sensible spot.

Same thing happened more of less for Return of the King. We were stuck on the side only about 4 or 5 rows up. Crap view, and this time we weren't able to move. During the summer between the Two Towers coming out and Return of The King I'd read all the books, so knew what to expect, so not only was I disappointed by changes to the storyline, the closeup view eroded any of the spectacle as well. Aragorn and the Captains of the West stood in front of the Black Gate as it opened looked crap I thought. I know they had a lot on with CGI, orcs, trolls, hobbits, dwarves and men, but I can't help but think Jackson's sense of scale was off at times.