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They are good people mate. They still care. We in our country can learn something from them.
Your not wrong Dilli lad, I cant understand why the Polish get a hard ride here. We've always been made to feel at home whenever we've stayed at my friends parents home. People forget that the Polish were our closest allies during the last war and many gave up their lives. Sounds like you'll be going back soon Dilli....


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Morning Sis. I was going to PM you this, but someone else may find it of interest.
we flew from Newcastle to Kraków with jet two. £ 280 return for two of us. We stayed in the Maly apartments. £140 total for three nights. It’s about ten mins walk from the main square, basic but warm and clean, which is good enough if all you’re doing is sleeping there. We arrived on Friday night at around six. Taxi to the hotel was about £20. We got chatting to the driver who arranged our trips to the salt mines and Auschwitz so that worked out well for us. Friday night we had a mooch around the square which is stunning. The food was very good and the beer also excellent and quite cheap. Between 2 or 3 quid a pint. Saturday we walked up to the castle which is well worth a visit. After that we took a boat trip on the river Vistula. Sunday it was absolutely stotting down so we decided to visit the salt mines which are about 45 mins away. The tour and tickets were arranged by our tame taxi driver, it worked out at about £30 each which covered everything including a visit to Oscar Schindlers factory and the ghetto / Jewish quarter on the way home. The salt mine is amazing and has to be visited if you are there. Yesterday we checked out of the hotel and our driver took us to Auschwitz and Birkenau, then back to the airport for our flight home. All in all it was a fantastic few days and we will be going back. Just not to Auschwitz. It was a worthwhile experience and something I feel we should all do at some point in our lives. But it troubles me deeply. I’ll be ok in a day or two, don’t let that put you off though, it’s well worth going.
A very good read that, l now spoke to Mrs Sis she said that she would love to go back so will look into it in the new year. I have seen some prices out of Stanstead which are similar price.

It sounds like you really enjoyed it, ever thought of working for the Polish tourist board.
Is comforting to know the Taxi driver was tame
😂😂 seriously thank you
Morning Sismanhatton...

Safe journey marra, and have a great time :)
Cheers mate, had a nice day with family and a few drinks tonight.
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