Leftover takeaways

Fred Secrets

If a pizza isn't finished, it's always eaten cold for breakfast the next morning. It's actually nicer than from the night before.

A taste sensation is what I'd call it.


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1. Curry - freeze for later date
2. Chinese - chuck
3. Kebab - there is never any leftovers
4. Dominos - breakfast
I’ve never heard of anyone freezing leftover takeaway in my life. Although I know of someone who would order half a dozen Indian currys and freeze them to take them away with him. He worked offshore.


Imagine freezing your leftover takeaways man. Grim as fuck. :lol:
How is that grim? It's not as if I'm scraping it off my plate into a box, it's curry that hasn't even made it on to the plate. Would you prefer I just chuck it in the landfill?