Lappy's Funeral

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Laddie de Lumley

Couldnt make Lappy's funeral this morning as I had a couple of meetings but popped into The Moulders Arms on my way back home which is where the Wake was.

Got to meet Lappy's best mate George and also one of his sisters Susan (he was one of 6 kids).

His sister was moved to tears when I told her of the £700 or so that had been collected for Macmillan Nurses through our members on here. Neither Susan or George could believe the generosity of RTG.

I also got prermission to contact SAFC and ask for something to be placed in the programme.

There was a funeral card produced for his death with a picture of Sean on the front. On the reverse were the words of a song he wrote. Not sure if its seemly to post the images or not. I guess if a page is set up for members who have died that may be a fitting tribute.

When I told George about the Board one of his comments was "i bet you all got into some arguments with him". I just smiled.

Quite frankly I´m a bit in shock.
I hardly get on here these days so it was a shock for me to see this post. I knew Lappy was ill but I didn´t know things had progressed to this.
I always enjoyed his posts whether I agreed with them or not. Lappy lad, you will be sadly missed by a lot of us on here. You were a canny fellow (for a Kibblesworth lad ;) ).
My thoughts and sympathies to his family and friends.

Sean RIP


the more I hear the more I think our path's must have crossed at some point - although we tried to avoid the Kibby Mad Mob most of the time :lol:

I doubt it as I've never been anywhere near Kibblesworth. I just recall George telling me once.
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Laputi@n's passing is possibly the greatest sense of loss I've felt about someone who I never met, saw, nor knew their real name at all until after their death.

A part of me assumed he and MBH would be arguing for a long time yet.

If there's an afterlife I wish Lappy's cynical old bones the best of it up there.

Ists okay mate, I remember when Delboy, a great poster passed away about a year back (probly longer I guess), I was sat bubbling at my p.c. about a bloke I`ve never met.

Queer thing this t`internet!

Better than me fecking real mates! ;)

R.I.P. Lappy, I had a few battles with yer mesel but its only crack!

Looking back, you were a fantastic angler mind!

C Des

Great poster. One of the most witty i've seen in here, without being a dickhead. Rest in Peace marra.


Well done Paul - a fitting tribute to Sean.

I didn't to my knowledge ever meet Laputian (he was a few years older than me) but we were certainly knew/knew of the same people i.e. Big Ray Kipling and I didn't know whether he was genuinely hostile to just about everything or just a wind-up merchant. Whichever - RIP fellah.
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