Kindle Fire, Big Brother listening in?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Floyd, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Floyd

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    I made an offhand comment to a family member about a particular netflix series being recommended by a book club on twitter whilst we were watching tv via my kindle fire. Lo and behold when I open the netflix app on the device about an hour later the 1st series being advertised is the one I was saying had been recommended!

    Can Kindle fire devices listen in to conversations going on around them to target adverts (or any other nefarious actions)?
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    Just like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and the like are always listening.
  6. Nipple Salad

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    I've always shut Cortana down, no insider knowledge just found Microsoft trying to crowbar her in annoying.
  7. Slippery Jim

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    Depends how old it is. I've got the first generation Kindle Fire and it doesn't even have a microphone so unless its lip reading I think I'm safe.
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    We're paying for the pleasure of being spied on.
  9. Unbalanced Views

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    If they hear you planning a Bank heist they call the Police, so be careful
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    I’ve just asked Alexa to play some music I’d like. It obliged.

    Edit. Within three intros, I’ve told her to shut up.
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    All the keeping up with the Jones types have funded ISIS, the KGB and the CIA until 2030 :lol:
  12. Yes mate. On numerous occasions I have been talking about a certain product, whip my phone out 5 minutes later and there's ads all over for that exact product.. scary really.
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