Kim Tate

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Big Duke Six, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Back in Emmerdale.
    Gerrup. She's the ultimate biatch........
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  2. Binxy

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  3. FootballFan

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    sexy as hell
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  4. Utter filth
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  5. Goat Eyes

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    There there is something seriously wrong with this thread!
  6. If you want pics post them yersell as I cant be arsed.
  7. Goat Eyes

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    I’m not that sad.
  8. Beaker

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    Dirty as a dogs arse
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  9. Marty Moose

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    She's got a lot on the clock nowadays, but they're motorway miles
  10. Space Hopper

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  11. Dendinho

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    Was married to actor (who played her stepson) in real life iirc
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  12. heroesof73

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    Nee (white) shit
  13. Old Prestonian

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    Complexion akin to pebbledash. Wadn't.
  14. FootballFan

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    Had an affair with Bob Geldof when she was 17 she claims.

    When approached about the story, Geldof responded, "I have no recollection of a Claire King - affair my a**e. It's possible she was one of the girls I met on the road, there were so many, that I don't recall the name."
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  15. Hardyman's Yugo

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    Seen her close up once, nowhere near as attractive as she appears on TV.
  16. Bishop Mackem

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    Bet her fanny hole is genuinely massive mind
  17. Slow joe

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    Great news for the women and gays.
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  18. You'll be happy then?
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  19. Slow joe

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    Im a straight male so obviously i dont watch emmerdale.
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  20. Junior Birdman

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    Massive wad...

    20 years ago.

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