Jos Buttler

Just been reading he has 5 out of the 10 fastest one day 100s by a England player in ODIs ever!

That is a astonishing achievement for a number 5/6.

Surperb takent!
A complete freak.
I honestly don’t think he is fully appreciated mate for the absurd talent he is.

Maybe it’s because he made his name in T20 and that’s seen by some on here as not proper cricket!!

I think he is a superb cricketer always have, there was a misconception imo,that he was just a slogger when in reality he just plays the game situation.

And a lot times going in down the order in limited overs cricket that is what is required, but he is far more than that he reads the game situation, wicket ,conditions perfectly and is not given enough credit for that imo.

Silly Point

Honestly don't think he gets the recognition he deserves worldwide. If he was Indian or South African or West Indian or god forbid a convict we'd never hear the end of it. Hopefully he has a great world cup making it impossible for the ABE brigade in world cricket to ignore him

He's our Kohli, de Villiers, Gayle, Warner and better than all except Kohli. The man whose wicket you want the mostbasnan opposition caotain
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