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  1. Went to see him last night at Exeter University and was blown away by him. Only him and several guitars for an acoustic set of about an hour and a 1/4. He sounded great, brilliant on the guitar and a very distinctive sound that was faultless. Some of the songs were shit but that’s because they weren’t interesting as opposed to being performed badly. One to see again if I get the chance.
  2. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Really enjoyed seeing him live a couple of times, and will be seeing him again at Bearded Theory in a couple of months. Should be good.
  3. HABA87

    HABA87 Winger

    His voice grates me.
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  4. Sponsors Notts County doesn't he?
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  5. Cheesy Feet

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    Still can't believe his performance on Soccer AM..what a fkn helmet.
  6. Never seen it
  7. Kubicki26

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    Rodwell is a c@nt
  8. What A Waster

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    What did he do?
    Won't be able to view a video so if you can describe it that'd be good
  9. Ludwig

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    Nah , we can’t believe it either !
  10. leecoo

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    Doesn't he have a team to help write his songs?
  11. stretch

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    Saw him supporting artic monkeys in Dublin, thought he was really good.
  12. Safc88

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  13. ErichZann

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    He does but I don't mind tbh. No one cares that Johnny Cash had writers for example.
  14. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Or that Elvis basically stole them from black singers.
  15. yamar1

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  16. TicoTorres

    TicoTorres Central Defender

    Grumpy little c unt

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