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Discussion in 'Cricket' started by stephen cartwright, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Ding dong.
  3. Debatable
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    Good to hear he still has the hunger for it. Too many cricketers packing it in far too early after finishing their test career.
  5. I'll hoy this in. He had immense talent which imo his average of 42 does not really show he used the most of that talent.

    At 36, though older players have played test match cricket, he will never play for England again
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    I never used to like him when he first played for England but he grew into it and became a very good Test batsman. I don't know whether the new Test Selector would have him though unless he is from Oxford or Cambridge.
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    Bags of talent but never really stepped up and dominated when England needed him to. Wasn't there some stat that the majority of his hundreds were scored when someone else in the team had already scored a hundred (and therefore innings was in a comfortable position with no pressure on him when he came the crease - at least I think that was the inference)
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  8. The batsman ultimately driven by perception. Failed against the Aussies early on and looked “soft” so was thus seen as soft.

    His record is very good. But he was always seen as a weak link in a very good side
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    Absolutely killed 2013 Ashes. One of the most dominant series-long performances you will see - right up there with Freddie and Botham, if less dramatic.

    But, no thanks Ian.
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  10. He’d still be our best number 4 (now that Root is at 3)
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    Ashes 2009 he was superb. A quality player.
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    Read this and educate yourself: 2013 Ashes series - Wikipedia
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    Are you not dismissing Pope rather prematurely who has scored more CC runs than Bell this season? And there's a big gap between the quality of the bowling in the 1st and 2nd division.
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    I don't need to "read and educate". I'm not talking about one series against a very average side, I'm talking about his performances over the 12 or so years he was a test player .i don't believe he dominated like he should have done.
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    he's finished and England knew it a few years ago that's why they got rid of him, he has struggled since he got dropped too, only last season he was dropped for the T20 side and other formats and he resigned as captain due to his poor form. He's still a decent player like a lot of ex England players are in the county game i.e. Trescothick, Collingwood, Trott etc but international cricket is still miles away from that standard.
    Ian Bell was great when the going was good but will also be known for generally not being able to dig in or score big runs when it was tough but overall he can still look at his Test career and be proud. Glad we have seen the last of him and his kind in the ODI format though.
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    You said he never really stepped up or dominated when England needed him too... Despite the fact he was utterly dominant in a closely fought home Ashes series, swinging at least two matches decisively. He was decent in 2009 too...

    Sorry, your first comment was silly. Whether he fulilled his true potential is a different question. You may be right on that one, but only after you shifted the goalposts from your first point. If that was not what you meant, be clearer.

    Pope looks so like Bell it's unreal, if you ask me. His technique is very similar.
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    He had a rubbish season last year with no centuries while Trott scored 4 and probably as a result Warks were relegated.

    He is doing better this season at third in the batting averages but it's not a record that supports his selection for England.
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  18. I certainly wouldn’t advocate recalling him but I actually think he’d be a more consistent and quality option than others at present. Not seen enough of Pope mind so may be a bit of a shite comment :lol:

    Aye that’s the perception of Bell and I don’t think it’s necessarily a one that reflects his entire England career. He was no Graeme Thorpe or Paul Collingwood for digging in when the going was tough but I think his reputation as a batsman who only made easy runs is a bit unfair on reflection

    How many of the current side went to Oxford or Cambridge? Or even Durham for that matter?

    Most of the players in the side are privately educated because they were talented enough as youngsters to gain scholarships. I don’t agree with private education like, but I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to say England players are picked based upon their social class.
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    Bit of an arrogant reply that. It is true though for years he didn't make tough runs for England. Made his debut in 2004 and didn't make a century (where he was the only player in the innings to score a century/ therefore in tough conditions) until Durban 5 and a half years and 51 tests later. It is believed he would have been dropped after that test. He did have a great 2013 Ashes series as you point out and became a reliable performer.
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