I come in peace!!! Cancer has no colours

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Lion 4 Isla, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Jay

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    Always find it weird when people exaggerate a footballing rivalry to promote a charity cause. Very magnanimous of you to establish that a sick child is more important than two shit football clubs, well done!
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  2. Keawyeds

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    They have Moyes. Your prayers have been answered :lol:

    Have you made a JustTextGiving code for your JustGiving page? You can put it on your t-shirts or posters so people can donate on the go.
    If you're not sure how to do it I have a guide I can e-mail to you
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  3. Rob the Ref

    Rob the Ref Midfield

    For anyone feeling generous
  4. Nice one Tony and good luck to Isla.

    PS. Did you have a tough paper round as a kid?
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  5. If your lot beat Barnsley on Saturday, I'll donate.
  6. I’ll donate if Tony buys a big black vibrator from one of Sullivan’s sordid sex shops.
  7. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    Already got one :)

    Thank you everyone, Mackems appearing all over my just giving page.

    Up to £14,700

    Well we’re going well, hopefully win our 6th away game on the spin
  8. Donated while holding out arm and pinching nose...
  9. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    Cheers Foggy, we’re not that bad :)
  10. Donated....let's keep this at the top of the board
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  11. I thought you were all proper nawty ;). Any road up, have a bump up for the evening shift
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  12. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    Update from Isla’s Mum and Dad

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  13. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    I met young Isla and her family last night for the first time when I went to collect the West Ham kit from their house.
    A very very humbling experience.

    Isla’s parents are so strong and Isla was running around like any normal 3 year old just a week after an op to remove a brain tumour with the only visible signs being her face and head are totally bruised from the surgery

    An inspiration for all
  14. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    Where do I start!!!

    Today’s Brentwood half marathon was cancelled due to the inclement weather and will not be rescheduled.

    I took all the donations on the premise that I would do the forfeits I put in place.

    So I will honour them all.

    So now on Saturday 31st March, I will run a much more dangerous route from Cold Blow Lane to the Olympic Stadium via the New Den and the Boleyn ground wearing full West Ham kit and having claret and blue dyed hair. I will do crosses hammers at the finish where I will meet up with some of Isla’s fundraisers and then take in the West Ham v Southampton game

    I’ll be surprised if I don’t get a whack from someone along the route, more so through Millwall territory in Bermondsey!!

    I hope this will satisfy all of those who have donated.

    Wish me luck, I need it!!

    I thank you all once more for your incredible support
  15. Daffy

    Daffy Striker

    Good luck mate
    Fantastic effort for a Very worthwhile cause
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  16. weab76

    weab76 Midfield

    Good luck Mate

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  17. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    FTM indeed!!!
    I’ve done two north east derbies now and the Mackems have won both times.
    Borini special and 3-0 at st. James
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  18. PrisonBroken

    PrisonBroken Central Defender

    Donated good luck.

    Just wanted to mention that when setting up this stuff there are lots of options other than justgiving etc.

    Can often make quite a big difference to the amount the charities receive from a tenner.

    Charity fundraising - pick sites to max donations - Money Saving Expert
    Comparison of online charity donation services in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    I think lots of people would choose differently if they knew the site was making money from these causes when there are not for profit options available.
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  19. Lion 4 Isla

    Lion 4 Isla Reserve Squad

    Thank you.
    It’s all done through the Bradley Lowery foundation and they use just giving so there was no other option really. I think they take 5%.


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  20. kossoff

    kossoff Winger

    Full kit wanker. :lol::lol:
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