How to deal with midges?

Dave Herbal

Going camping in Northumberland shortly and I’m dreading the little bastards, as I don’t react well to the bites. I know it’s not as bad as Scotland, but still. What’s your go to flying insect repellant?

Cheesy Feet

The little bastards love my legs..went to a campsite near Keswick a few years back and had a jungle strength midge repellent on..only cure..cover up..which in this weather.


Avon Skin So Soft but I think they've changed the recipe now, so cigarette smoke.
Oh, and vitamin B. Drink Guinness and eat Marmite.
Was wondering about the Avon stuff. Was away with family at the weekend. Sister always gets eaten alive but has used the Avon stuff successfully in the past to combat it (I put her onto it after reading about it on here)
Didn’t seem to work this time.
where did you hear about the recipe change out of interest?

seems a strange thing to do when it was so well known as a repellent. Tbh I was always surprised they didn’t market it as such.