How much for a gaming PC that’ll support 200 FPS?


Couple of points on that

1 - Youtube is compressed to fuck, and maxes out at 60fps anyway doesn't it? And usually only 30.
2 - You can render at 1000 fps, but if your monitor refresh rate is 60 or 144hz, that's all you're going to see.
Even if YouTube compresses videos at 60 FPS and I can still tell the higher FPS video is smoother. My eyes are able to tell the difference above the 76fps threshold.

As both videos can perform over the 76fps and both are compressed at 60 frames via YouTube. I should be seeing two equally performing videos except you don't. You can tell the difference in higher FPS above the 76fps threshold.

So if the human eye can't process anything above 76 frames a second and two graphic cards perform at 100fps and 200fps the videos should be identical. They aren't proving you are talking rubbish