Hot air balloon inventor

Discussion in 'SMB' started by gizachip, May 18, 2018.

  1. gizachip

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    What the hell was going through the mind of the inventor of the first hot air balloon? “Aye love I’m just popping out. Dinnar where I’ll land though, could be an hour or I might need to get a taxi back from Johannesburg so I’ll see ya when I see ya”
  2. FannyByTheGaslight

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    Aye, exactly that!
  3. super noodles

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    It's a little known fact that the taxi was invented before the hot air balloon
  4. alzeebub

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    1783 was a very good year.
  5. Aye, he phoned one and waited so fucking long for it to arrive, that he had no choice but to invent the balloon.
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  6. mux

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    So let me get this straight. You have signed up on this message board just to say that? :lol:
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  7. Fake Taxi?
  8. elder

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    the first military use of balloons as a weapon was by the austrians in 1849... they loaded them with 30lbs bombs and launched them on Venice. unfortunately a few blown back across their own lines and landed on their troops. Oops!
  9. Kevj

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    Great opening post. Memorable, I'd say.
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  10. SteveFTM

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    First job out how to go up
    Second how to go down
    Third how to steer
    He was no mug
  12. fyl2u

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    He probably had this playing on his portable mp3 player...

  13. EchoMan

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    Or this

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  14. Space Hopper

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    I was going to invest in a hot air balloon but it's a bit up in the air at the moment.
  15. What A Waster

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    I'v decided to put my hot ar balloon company on the stock market. Gonna float it next week.
  16. becs

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    He had aspirations to go up in the world.
  17. Thackeray

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    My first thought on seeing this thread. :lol:
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  19. tonyfromalnwick

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    Mozart wrote his great mass.
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  20. Stubbs ftm

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    Fake hot air balloon
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