Hosting a Quiz Tomorrow


First time it's my turn.

Need some help with questions and where better to turn than the intelligent, imaginative and somewhat mental members of the SMB.

Think I'm gonna go for the trivial pursuit categories

Arts and Literature
Science and Nature
Sport and Leisure

And then just have General knowledge for the last 10 questions

Any decent question suggestions will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

How do you have the strength to do anything quiz related? I'm be glad never to see another quiz in my life. :lol:

Here's a one for your geography section. If you were to set off from London, London to Singapore is the longest city-to-city trip you can make by rail and road. How many counties would you cross if you took the shortest route?

Goat Eyes

All in moscow and st petersburg. I would say that was europe.
I’d say it isn’t.

Whilst you’re not wrong geographically there’ll be a battle.

Suppose that’s part and parcel of being the quiz master.
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