Harvey Weinstein

Discussion in 'SMB' started by TDalt, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. TDalt

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    He allegedly raped a Hollywood actress, then the actress accepted a settlement. Does that make said actress a prosititute? They had sex and he paid her for it?
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  3. TDalt

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    Why accept payment for your services then, instead of a criminal prosecution? Are you then partially morally responsible for any sexual crimes allegedly committed by said person after the settlement , as you could have put them in jail, but instead you choose to get money?
  4. The casting couch is coming home to roost, watch others come out, but I’d say some of the women knew exactly what they were doing.
  5. TDalt

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    The alleged actress posed for photos later on in life with the alleged abuser and put her arm around his shoulders. Is this hypocritical?
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  6. Keawyeds

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    What exactly is your motivation for starting this thread?
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  7. TDalt

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    Why would someone allegedly accept money for allegedly being raped? Then call for "justice" later?
  8. It’s Hollywood, seizing on money is in everyone’s line of work. Not acceptable now, some gave into to get fame, others to continue fame. I read somewhere, that although to a lesser extent, males had to perform to female big cheeses also.
  9. Pop

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    Been going on for decades and it isn't just women being abused according to some celebs.

    Funny how loads of the Hollywood luvvies bleat on about Trump yet stuff like this is going on and loads seem to know about it but say nothing.
  10. Keawyeds

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    Isn't the issue here more that Harvey has been perving on actresses since he and his brother set up the company?
    And to that, women haven't spoken up because they didn't think people would believe them.

    Trump is a kernt who bragged about grabbing women by the pussy. Shush Pop.
  11. TDalt

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    Is said actress partially morally complicit then for crimes he may or may not have committed after allowing legal justice to go by the way side in return for a payment of money?
  12. LondonMackem

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  13. ThePistols

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    Possibly not enough evidence for a criminal case so took it to a civil court.
  14. Barnacle Boy

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    Regardless of what he has or hasn't done I found it a bit distasteful that Meryl Streep has jumped on this story for a bit free publicity.
  15. Pop

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    Weinstein is a bigger kernt, didn't hear the likes Meryl Streep berating him at awards ceremonies. Probably too busy giving convicted rapists (Roman Polanski) standing ovations...

    Then we've got Big Billy Clinton, serial philanderer, people don't mention Bill abusing his position and bucking women in the oval office.

    FWIW Trump is a kernt as well, I just like to see all kernts treat the same.
  16. TDalt

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    Donna Karen: women are asking for it, if they dress a certain way?
  17. Keawyeds

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    It's not a competition, but I think Trump will be remembered as a bigger kernt than all others combined.
    At least Bill Clinton presided over economic stability and helped with the Peace Process in Norn Irn
  18. TDalt

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    Has Trump allegedly raped someone? Feeling men up worse than rape?
  19. Keawyeds

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    I tell you what, that's not something I'm going to Google at work to find out!
    Trump has admitted to sexually assaulting people, but apparently that's what (Russian) people want in an American president
  20. Coeus

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    I think had anyone come out with those type of accusations, especially in the none to distant past, then their hopes of finding work in Hollywood would have been severely reduced.

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