Giro d’italia

Cee Jay

Kicks off today with downhill and treacherous ITT....already Camparnets down.

Ganna should win....just seen he‘s riding with a 60/11 top gear , aka a dustbin lid ;)
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What's everyones thoughts on the Rapha X Palace EF kit?
Looks alright when you get a close look at it. Absolutely foul when you just see it flash past in the race.
Good start from G there.
Looking good for Yates as well. Commentators saying the wind changed direction so the earlier riders had more tailwind? Surely the only way to explain the difference in times of the GC guys that went later.
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Dun Scathach

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What's everyones thoughts on the Rapha X Palace EF kit?
As someone who did and still does love Mapei kits, I think it’s absolutely fantastic. The Colombian champs version of it is even better.

Vaughters has pulled off a marketing master stroke I think.
Looks a thin field to start with, given two more TT’s, one of which 35k ish and Thomas would expect a decent buffer.
Inclement weather or a crash seems that it might be his biggest obstacle.
Weather could also work in his favour if high mountain stages ending up getting cancelled. Be interesting to see if Yates tries anything on Etna on Monday