Gigs back at sol

Discussion in 'SMB' started by East Durham, May 26, 2018.

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  3. Ha ha they really don’t think much of how we were being ran before. Get the fuck in.
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  4. DufraisFTM

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    Good. Ridiculous decision to get rid of one of the few brilliant things that happen in our city in the first place.
  5. Farfrom Athletic

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    Can’t see how they could possibly lose money on the concerts. You’d need to try very hard not to turn a profit I’d have thought.

    Just what the hell has been going on behind the scenes this last few years?

    CARLOS CLASS Striker

    Unfair - he did a great job with the concerts
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  7. Gerrin looking forward to 85 quid tickets to see a busker, on a serious note it's great news
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  8. stevie-wonder

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    We need a Punk festival at the SOL.
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  9. Botchie

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    One step at a time. Everything is looking very good but, we shouldn't expect too much too soon. Let's get a competitive side on the pitch first.
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  10. prehab26

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    At the start .
  11. Tex

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    I have it on authority that the concerts did net a profit but it was a ridiculously small profit given the names we attracted, and demonstrative of what a shit job Hutchison did that the profit, such as it was, was so small.

    I’ve never claimed to be ITK on anything when it comes to SAFC but this is from a cast iron unimpeachable source. The pitiful net gain was entirely down to GH botching the whole thing.

    Same source said the night before the league cup final GH was in London with all the top dogs out on the lash. He insisted on going to the casino and got bladdered and left his jacket in there ... with everyone’s tickets for the match. Had to go knocking on the door of the casino early the next morning and luckily found a cleaner who let them in to retrieve jacket and tickets. The useless gimp.
  12. Was sorting some files out at work yesterday and noticed a reference to a Mr & Mrs Hair, I immediately thought Gary :lol: This place gets to you ! I'm often behind a car on a morning going to work part of the reg is MLF and I'm going massive lads fan in me head, :lol: mental isn't it ?
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  14. There's room for both venues Empire has The RSC and Matilda this week , TR has Evita Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice mlf ;)
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  15. Sylvester Malone

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    Bit of a pretend playboy that bloke.

    The stories that lingered around him are unrepeatable.

    Am sure the Newcastle franchise of Fat Buddha is booming under his oversight
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  16. prehab26

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    Aye. He let the fame and opportunities go to his head like
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  17. box2box

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    Not if they lost money, yes if they did

    CARLOS CLASS Striker

    They made money, apart from 1 near the end as I understand it
    The early ones were betting the club half a million quid
  19. not if they didnt make any money

    if that was the case

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