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Getting away from wembley

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by forzamilansafc, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. forzamilansafc

    forzamilansafc Striker

    How long does it usually take to get back onto a tube?

    If the match finished at 9:45, what's the chances of making it back to Victoria for an 11:30 bus?
  2. Safc_Luke

    Safc_Luke Striker

    ROI match mate?
  3. abingtonmackem

    abingtonmackem New Member

    i went to both the Hungry & Wales games took about one & half hours to get away you best bet is to go from Wembley stadium station i think that is the quietest of the 3 stations
  4. stretch

    stretch Striker

    Went to a concert last year and was amazed how quickly we were on the tube. Police let so many at a time up the steps to the tube station and we were on the tube half Han hour after gig
  5. forzamilansafc

    forzamilansafc Striker

    Yeah, Looking at going down for it
  6. Safc_Luke

    Safc_Luke Striker

    Four of us going and staying at Covent Garden. Option for you?
  7. graemeok

    graemeok Midfield

    Get yourself to wembley stadium station and get the train direct to Marylebone station, only takes 20 mins and then go from there, don't get the underground a takes too long
  8. squashjoe

    squashjoe Striker

    Plenty of time mate!
  9. safcdccc

    safcdccc New Member

    catch me on facebook mate
  10. PJH

    PJH Striker

    For the NFL games it can take about an hour to get from a seat in the upper tier of the stadium back to Kings Cross. The tube journey is 20-25 minutes. Most of the time is taken with walking to the tube station, and waiting as the platform periodicly gets filled up so they block off the station now and then.
  11. Rip Van Fish

    Rip Van Fish Striker

    piece of piss m8. you should be on a train by 10.25 latest.

    usually 2 cordons on WW where the horses stop u for 5 mins max a time.

    Jubilee to Green Park and Vic line southbound from there.

    KNGHTHOOD Striker

    If your a Sunderland supporter, just come out early;)
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