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Fraser Robertson SSN rip 47!

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by superdougle, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. superdougle

    superdougle Midfield

  2. Oli Wagkz

    Oli Wagkz Striker

    Nee age.
  3. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

  4. Papa Smurf

    Papa Smurf Winger

  5. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

    Terrible news
  6. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Bloody hell man that's young
  7. Rob the Ref

    Rob the Ref Midfield

    Very sad news
  8. Same age as me. So sad and scary. Rest in peace :(.
  9. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    natural causes at 47 is scary.

    unless of course he was carrying an illness that was likely to shorten his life.
  10. Jonesy57

    Jonesy57 Central Defender


    My dad died in his forties. It wasn't much fun.
  11. hudson88

    hudson88 Striker

    Comment on twitter that it’s because of a brain bug he’s had recently.
  12. Johnsafc

    Johnsafc Striker

    awful. RIP
  13. OohBaldyBally

    OohBaldyBally Striker

    Blep age.

    Rest in peace lad.
  14. mr chuckles

    mr chuckles Striker

    Tragic, rest in glorious peace fraser
  15. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    There seems to be a thing about male sports journalists dying young.

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