Forthcoming gigs.


Central Defender
The Dead South. 22/02.

Canadian bluegrass style 4 beat combo.

In hell I'll be in good company.
I saw that advertised. I've been aware of his name but never really listened to him. I was thinking of taking a punt and going. Can you recommend something to get me started??
Fish Rising and L are probably the best intro for the music he;s playing on the next tour. Not sure he's doing any system 7 stuff.

Boot Cleaner

Going to see the menzingers next Wednesday. No idea who they are but my brother wanted me to go....

Also playing download festival which I'm going to, so I didn't even need to go on Wednesday!!

Paddy O'Dors

Soul II Soul in November at Pyramids in Southsea. Did think about the RAH but the gig there is on a Tuesday neet which means two days off graft.