Fish and Chips

does anyone else get chronic guts after eating them i love a fish lot but fuck me i pay for it...had some yesterday apart from the bloated stomach and belly burps last night ive had mad stomach cramps today and about 3 shits
Probs due to the lack of eating junk food for the last couple of months then eating a massively greasy meal has been a massive shock to your digestive system
Always excited to eat them, but then feel disgusting straight afterwards
Same here


You a total loafer if fish and chips gives you jip to the mid section. I'm here just to stress this.

I've never known the like of what folk come up with here. :)

Big Jeff

Full Back
Does anyone know where you get the best fish and chips ................................. err hang on, is it Cafe Deja Vu


Just had a superb fish lot from Bells. Was expecting to queue for a bit but straight in and served within 5mins. Excellent social distancing measures in place (gilesgate)
I was wondering if Bells was open. Will get one from there one night next week I think.