Fire Starters - First gigs announced for Fire Station

Is this for the auditorium or the fire station pub? And what's happening with the fire station as its still shut?
Hope people support it.
Could be a great venue on the doorstep for many.
It’s not really up to people to support it tbh. It’s a venue. It’s all about the entertainment. As for the city it should draw in outsiders to fill the hotels increasing footfall, which once again is down to the venue itself.
First I've heard of these, sound interesting.

Parade Ground

The Parade Ground brings live music and performance to the glorious outdoors with a large multifunctional stage and festival atmosphere.

Opening in 2022

Colonnade Bar

Set within the Parade Ground, the Colonnade Bar will be serving up a relaxed drinks offer to accompany our outdoor performance programme including a bird’s-eye view from its new balcony bar.

Opening in 2022
Great to see that some of these acts finally have somewhere suitable to play in Sunderland. Hopefully they will be adding in a bit more proper theatre amongst the bands. The links with Live Theatre should help.

There's at least half a dozen shows on that first list going on my calendar.