Aye pushing the kids, sure sign we’re skint. I’ll get back later when I see the evidence,
Play the kids? Don't play the kids? gets a bit confusing on this board at times.
For me it's no use putting more than one or two young uns in without decent and a couple of hard players alongside them. Putting more in and the opposition will boot them off the park.
I’m delighted to see Embleton signing a new contract and being given an opportunity to show us what he can do but I hope the supporters can be a little bit savvy when judging his early performances.

A talented young player is ready for first team football when they reach the point where their positive contributions to a game start to easily outweigh their occasional mistakes. Young players make little mistakes during games that more experienced players don’t.

Embleton will be a player who will take risks and try difficult things in games and it’s important that the home crowd recognise that and encourage him to keep trying them.