Egg chasers of the SMB


Do you know why the Aviva has a small stand behind the posts? Looks a bit lopsided.
Looks like a bed pan! There was an existing railroad track at one end that they weren’t able to develop over the same as the other end. Hence it’s really small


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I thought a 3-0 lead at half time was pretty good considering the conditions.

I'm far from a rugby expert but I thought that it was fairly obvious what they needed to do 2nd half.

The first half had seen Scotland leathering the ball 60 yards into England territory and the England kicks going about 20 yards maximum the other way.

So if we're deep in our half just lump it up then follow the ball up. The ball doesnt need to go out. They won't be able to get out and are likely to make an error in the conditions.

They tried this once in the first 20 mins of the 2nd half, and tbf Hogg ran it out really well. He's not going to do that every time though - challenge him to try it.

Instead they knocked the ball out on the full 5 times in a row. I saw Scotland had 67% territory for the 2nd half on 60 mins, which should have been impossible.

Not a fan of Youngs - and maybe a coach had a word in his ear - but when he came on he sent an up and under which came down just in front of the 22m line, which was dropped. Got a pen from the scrum which Farrell missed.

I think Youngs was also the one who sent another diagonal up in the air which was also knocked on 5 mins later. Ford stuck a kick over the top after that which Hogg dropped over the line, and the try followed.

Why can't they work this stuff out themselves without it taking 20 mins?
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