Durham v Yorkshire (one day cup)

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  1. That's the ECB for you.
  2. The Rat

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    10 over chase, 102?

    maybe not, fuck sake
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  3. Monument View

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    Game off no result
    Durham although higher run rate are out because of weather and change in rules over league placing
    Seems very unfair
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  4. mackembhoy

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    Well them 2 sixes by Onions are what did us, can't control the weather.
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  5. Bri

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    "No result".

    A good campaign, plenty to be encouraged by but rain spoilt 2 matches.

    Well done
    Steel, Lees, Potts, Carse, Raine, Trevaskis, Richardson, Harte and last but not least Bancroft.
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  6. Pity! But been some really promising performances by the team and by younger players.
    All these different ways to qualify but at the end of the day Worcester and Lancs both beat us.
    Iam interested to see the side selected for the next championship match.
  7. FTECB
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  8. Well another hideous ruling from the ECB has fucked us over.
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  9. The Rat

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    Such a shame

    I wonder if we can take some of these performances by the youngsters to the CC?

    Could bode well for the T20

    Plenty of motivation for them, as much as we hate it, thr Hundred draft takes place later in the year, chance to impress
  10. As far as the championship and the rest of the season with regards to the youngsters I can think of four senior players who probably won't play another game for Durham and it's the 1st week in May.
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  11. Parkside

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    I've just read your mind!
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  12. Spot on!
  13. viccarlton

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  14. The Rat

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    Think you’re right mate
  15. SAFC11

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    Ecb dont help themselves
  16. Although it is hugely frustrating the way we have gone out of the competition there are lots of positives to be taken from this competition.

    From the four home games I saw I think everyone contributed something at one time or other.

    The fielding was superb and Bancroft had the team on their toes throughout.His two centuries were sheer class and when he failed Lees took over the reigns and let's hope he transfers his run of form into the CC and the same goes for Richardson who looks a different player in white ball cricket.

    What I really enjoyed though was the likes of Steel,Trevaskis and Potts getting their chance and taking it with both hands.

    I'm sure anyone who saw even one of the games would have been amazed at the improvement when compared to our dismal performances in the same competition last season ie the crushing defeats against Yorkshire and Lancs to name but two.

    We've got Worcs away in the CC then three home games...let's hope we can carry this spirit forward.
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  17. The Rat

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    No doubt plenty of positives but just another kick in the balls, just seemed to have had no luck in recent years, frustarting.

    Youngsters took their chance, Lees, Bancroft looking decent players, Raine looks a good signing

    This is all in short form mind, but we should be strong in T20

    If just had 1 more good batsman it would help hugely
  18. Just thought I would say it again

  19. Bri

    Bri Winger

    Yep. I might be getting ahead of ourselves but I think we've taken a big step forward.

    Bancroft must be thinking he's won the jackpot.

    He's gone from a position of wondering if anyone would give him a game - to being given a contract, but in a struggling County which has just lost their head coach and main player to retirement - to being offered club captaincy - to finding a clutch of young players ready to step up and play well with skill.

    Cricketing wise he can't have hoped for anything much better.

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