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Durham on Di Canio

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by BOYCEY, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. rocky

    rocky Striker

    Maybe but it will, imo, work out better for the club.

    GBSAFC Striker

    he's megalomaniac no doubt , but the changes to the club he was trying to make re fitness diet etc, i believe needed to happen.

    the most unpopular restriction he made was the socializing drinking culture which he really cracked down on.
    and i believe that is really what many stalwarts hated the most... no more cushy life no more midweeks sesssions in newcastle
  3. knitting away

    knitting away Winger

    The players have set themselves up for a big fall in my opinion. They have seen off three very differnent managers with their ineptitude

    GBSAFC Striker

    bang on fella.
    couldn't have put it better
  5. There fooking better be a lot more to it, as everything i've heard so far sounds par for the course.

    He gans on the pitch and faces angry fans and tells them chin up = He came on the pitch and tried to stare out the fans i read :lol:

    He bans sauce and Mayo from the canteen =Kilbane on MOTD saying "Things like that upset players" :eek:

    He fines players for been late\drinking = He was a dictator :rolleyes:
  6. rocky

    rocky Striker

    You'll never find me disagreeing with that.
  7. Howard the Duck

    Howard the Duck Striker

    I really just think he's misjudged the mood marra. He probably thought all the fans would be anti Di Canio and pro the players actions after the results, the truth is it's much more mixed than that. He will have expected/hoped for much more of a reaction to that piece than he'll get.
  8. castoff

    castoff Winger

    Agreed, but there's a lot of uncomfortable truth's in that article

    GBSAFC Striker

    nah mate, and that because most people know what the real problems have been, but no manager had the nuts to deal with them.

    he's gone, were in a state which he helped create and the players may revert to type.
  10. rocky

    rocky Striker

    I think its more the who can and can't talk to each other. Seemingly its more than 1 or 2 players not happy, even a couple of new signings.
    The morale and team spirit was very low because of the manager, thats simply not right and couldn't continue.
  11. He's just pandering to the players are all ****s brigade and missing the point completely
  12. rocky

    rocky Striker

    New manager needs to deal with it in a better way.

    Its a right fucking mess isn't it?
  13. GBSAFC

    GBSAFC Striker

    absolutely. and yes a shagwankingdisaster of a mess

    the "revolution" needs to continue, we've been crying out for one for more years than i dare to count.
    i'm convinced that there is a core of players who think they won a reprieve.... short needs to educate them they haven't won
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  14. Is that seriously Adrian Durham?
  15. GBSAFC

    GBSAFC Striker

    i have my doubts, too coherent for a start way too much sense
  16. Wylie Coyote

    Wylie Coyote Winger

    The whole thing is a mess. Board picked the wrong man to manage us, our recruitment has been shite, the players we already had are shite and we are being linked with managers who are shite

    Still should have enough to stay up though
  17. GBSAFC

    GBSAFC Striker

    the big problem that is dogging us now. is that the core of players that have failed us some many times before are still here. and were in the worst state we've been in since Mick Mac

    we need somekind of arse kicking miricle worker
  18. dcl0sc

    dcl0sc Striker

    Rocky, I usually agree with quite a bit of the stuff you post, if you think what the players did was big/clever then we are poles apart marra....!

    For me, if the players put in a performance tonight/Sunday it's going to prove what a major set of unprofessional ***** they are. If they don't it's going to prove PDC right in that they are a set of useless, heartless, spineless *****!! Either way they have shown me (and no doubt countless others) that they think they are superior to the fans/club and basically don't give a flying fuck about either.

    I fear for the future of SAFC while these areholes are still at the club trying to preserve their cushy little numbers.
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  19. McMackem

    McMackem Striker

    Remove the bizarre last line and that is the best thing I've ever read from him or the Fail. You have to wonder - if we had been luckier in the first two games would the players have got excited, bought in and this could have built into something. Did they turn on PDC when hard work didn't get instant results?
  20. rocky

    rocky Striker

    What if they had good reason to do it?

    If they put in a performance with different personnel/formation what happend under Paolo will count for diddly squat. I'm delighted the fucker is gone.
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