Drawn at home to Mags in FA Cup

I’ve read most of the replies on this thread and can conclude that there’s a big percentage of bedwetters in our support base.
I think it’s a no lose situation, if we get beat then we get beat off the richest club in the world, albeit they’ve sacrificed all basic human morals/principles in return for their probable future success, and eternal shame on them for that. If we lose then we got beat off a champions league team against a mid table championship team, and a very young one at that. There’s very little to brag about on their behalf. But If we don’t lose then we win, get in!!
Meh we have a punchers chance against the mags, stranger things have happened. May well make or break a few of the youngsters in the team having a derby and will allow us to see the team against a prem
league side to see how they are progressing especially Clarke.
If we wanna be promoted we are gonna have to face them at some point in the next few years, may as well be now
Sorry for a new thread but thought I’d keep this for predictions only.

For me,

0-2. We put up a good fight but unfortunately not strong enough. I also think there’ll be 8 yellows and one red each for both teams. Ballard for us, Joelinton for them.
Edit - FFS I didn't even realise we'd drawn them in the cup. A landslide victory for NUFC unfortunately
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