Double Maxim Beers

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Used to sell it at the Metro cash and carry in Beijing (Wangjing are for anyone interested). I used to clear the shelves of it

I am in Beijing right now, I would like to see this before I head over to Seoul on friday. Do you mean Wangfujing or just Wangjing as an area?
As an exile i usually have a couple of bottles of DM at the victory on matchdays. It's hard to get hold of outside of the north east, but i have popped in at the brewery to stock up and take home in the past. They did a very good American Pale Ale in the past, not sure if they still do it
I'm at the CAMRA members Maxim Brewery night at the brewery on Friday. I've been around it before but the brewery tour is canny and there's loads of beers to be had at £2 a pint that night. I'll probably take a few bottles of Swedish Blond home anarl.
Had a pint of cask Double in the fire station at the weekend.

Was on in The Peacock, and Lambtons was on in The Dun Cow.

Port of Call usually has Maxim on.

Can’t see a problem with local prominence tbh myself. Yes you won’t get it in bars that aren’t frequented by ale drinkers.

Can even get bottles at the supermarkets in Newcastle where I live.