Don't suppose our game will be on anywhere TV wise tomorrow?


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Just hope the stream quality is deserving of a paid service. Some have been utter trash.
I don't think £7.50 for the 2 matches is bad, but as you say, they must provide a decent stream when people are paying

Complaining about £3.25 per match. Ya scatter ****. Suppose ya want everything in life for free - get a life and realise SAFC is a business. It wasn't to long ago we had to wait till the following day for The Echo to arrive to find out how we did.
Must be something wrong with my maths 7.5/2 <> 3.25
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To answer my own question: It looks like only the 2 day pass is available on so it will obviously be separate to the season pass.


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This like the 7.50 for both matches isn’t to bad but what’s the stream going to be like as it needs to be a quality stream when paying for it
As long as you have broadband you'd be fine. Anything above 3-5mbps will give a decent enough picture. The better your speed the better the picture. It's not like YouTube where you can change the playback quality