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Crawley players gutted their manager has gone

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by ChrisAshley, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. ChrisAshley

    ChrisAshley Striker

  2. Evans probably took most of them to the highest point of their career, despite the money I think crawley will fall off the radar now and revert back to a non media focused club
  3. genericus

    genericus Striker

    they still have the money of the chairman backing them.
    its all about who they appoint now
  4. Paxton

    Paxton Striker

    But because they have financial backing they could bring a better manager in?
  5. rebelsafc

    rebelsafc Central Defender

    Ya sure that's the Crawley players? The conductor looks alot like Kevin Ball
  6. BongEye

    BongEye Guest

  7. KarlM

    KarlM Winger

    What a bunch of twats. Completely disrespectful. Like him or loathe him, Evans, with significant financial backing, managed to get them into the league and has cemented them in the playoffs and they could secure a double promotion.
    A complete lack of respect from his former players.
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