Could we attract Eddie Howe or Big Sam ?


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A few premier league and championship clubs will sack their managers in the next few months - happens every year.

Surely these managers would rather sit tight and see if anything came up, rather than rolling around in league one, handicapped by a salary cap, with fans (understandably) demanding instant improvements?


Can't see us attracting a prem or champ manager in truth. Plus employing someone just sacked from Champ club isn't the best idea either.

Employing an unemployed journeyman will get us in the same boat so I would like a young up and coming manager like Flynn, if he would leave Newport for us ( shows how low when I'm stating "if" ).

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Sam is a mercenary who follows the cash. Pay him enough and yes. Too far north for Eddie. He tried venturing up north before and didn’t like it much.
I’d love to know your thought process that’s got u to the point where u think Eddie Howe who’s just quit a job where he’s idolised and had 5 or so years in the premier league, where in that time he’s been touted for good jobs throughout that time would drop down to league 1 to possibly work for 2 fuckin Imbeciles who showed themselves up on Netflix and made no attempt to show abolition to get us promoted from this league never mind the one above.

on Sam allardyce, do u think he could be arsed to try and sort this mess out with fuck all to spend on walking out of the leagues ??


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There are people who mocked the mags for saying they’d get Poch.

Right now they’re closer to Klopp or Pep than we are to Eddie Howe.

This is desperate