Concerts at SOL in 2022


Didn't we lose money from the gigs previously?
How Sunderland is that? Is it even possible?
It would be a great boost for the city to have them back. Metro drivers will be on strike again.
Trying to think of acts that maybe are touring next year but obviously Covid has made it harder to work out with so many cancelling
Ya'd assume it'd go concert crazy. Three years of touring backed up. There'll be acts that would normally do the festival circuit that can't due to lineups from 2020 looking to play. There already seems to be a few different festivals popping up here there and everywhere.
no, not at all, tremendous band, 4th album came out earlier this year. give 'sunblind ' a listen, second track on album .
I remember giving them a few listens ages ago and thought they were alright like, but I couldn't tell ya a thing they've done. I'll give em another whirl on spotify this week.