Cattermole coming back?


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Like I said I disagree. But let’s leave it there as nothing you can say will change my mind. You tried to change the argument earlier by slipping central in. Don’t want this to hijack the thread so leave it.
433 and 451 are fundamentally different formations. You get that right?


I agree getting rid if his pay was too high as reported, as perhaps it wasn’t value, but to suggest he isn’t our best option in midfield is people letting bias or personal feelings get in the way of a judgement. He’s clearly better than the options we have
Exactly mate. But can’t see this happening anyway.


It's manifest bollocks. VVV Venlo want him and seem quite confident of being able to secure the contract. It looks like this fraudster was out of the loop when it came to Catts' Dutch adventure.

PtangYang kiperbang

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When will people realise that anyone can post any old unsubstantiated shite on Twitter the same as they can on here?

Fake twitter bullshit is regurgitated on here as if it were gospel.