Can you recognise these modern-day pop stars?

Cheesy Feet

The only one I knew was Billy of them was maybe Liam from One Direction..didn't have a clue with the others...only knew Billy Eilish because my Niece likes her.

Looks like Father Jack!
I thought that was that fat lad out of Keane.
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10/15. It would have been less if I hadn't already done it on the other thread. Waiting for it to be posted a couple more times and I might get up to 14.

vinegar hill

2 out of 15.
Got Sam Mendes the other was a guess.
Mendes apart I had absolutely no idea who any of them were.
Mendes and Capaldi apart I’ve never heard of any of them.
Is there nee rock groups now?


4/15 and 3 of those were guesses. An all round awful state of affairs. Their music will not live on it will be forgotten, unlike their pre 2000 pop ancestors' music.