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Booing: is it support or just divisive? [Long. Dull maybe]

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Anonymous, Aug 1, 2002.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'm as pissed off as the next person about the mistakes that have been/are being made, but I try and keep myself from mouthing off in public. I understand people who are like this, it's just that I'm different. But then we all are.

    Personally, I don't think booing, chucking things, etc, will have any effect on the management's actions, a] because Reidy's a stubborn git b] I don't want it to have a detrimental effect on the players that ARE wearing that red & white shirt. Good pros like Craddock, Reyna, SK even Dazza don't deserve to be pulled into that kind of bollocks.

    As someone else said here, we have a reputation as having one of the best sets of – if not THE best – fans in the country. I don't want US to be like City fans with their bleedin', whingeing shite/over-the-top hyperbole [depending on their league position at the time] that they always spout. We're the best because when we get behind that team on the pitch, it IS worth a goal to us. Why did we win so many at home last season 1-0? The support. Cos most of the time, it sure wasn't just down to pure, good football was it? Remember that old comment from a visiting player at Roker Park who said when you run out, you almost fell over with the noise that would be generated? It still holds at SSOL.

    Ultimately, they [SAFC] KNOW we are having problems at the moment. They KNOW they are under pressure to get results. They KNOW we are all pissed off – Murray and Reidy have acknowledged that [even if not doing anything about it/can't do anything about it and have been leading us up the garden path]. Going too far with abuse isn't going to get us a new striker. It'll prob just mean that Reidy will get more entrenched with his views. If he's going to fuck up/is fucking up, he'll do it without our assistance, I'm sure of that.

    I'll groan and say 'For fuck's sake' at a match but booing and personal shite and throwing stuff and 'Reid out'? Well, it is not for me, even if it is for others. Each to his own. But things got worse last season, in part, because confidence was being further dented by supporters going OTT in the abuse stakes.

    If we get behind them and finish bottom six again, then we stay up – but Reidy will be packing his bags. And too right he should. If we boo and chant 'Reid Out', 'Killa's a ****', etc, then yeah, Reidy might go earlier but it might mean First Division football in 2003/04 for sure. Imagine having to go to Gillingham again or watching The Premiership and not seeing us featured or picking up a paper and a match report not being there?

    And yes, this all might STILL happen because of upper management intransigence/incompetence but at least if we get behind the team, if not PR and his cronies, then at least we can hold up our hands and say 'Don't blame us for this mess you've got us in – we're the best fans in Britain, didn't you know that? Didn't we show it? Unconditional love and all that?' We'll come out smelling of roses, the ones who are culpable will smell of manure, we'll have new people in, new ideas and be Champions League winners. See, it's simple, huh? ; )

    Whatever, what I mean is that I support SAFC. When Reidy's long gone, I still will be doing it. He's on borrowed time and will prob go sooner rather than later, but if abusing him means we get relegated, it'll be a very big price to pay for showing our feelings that the top brass [PR included] are already far too aware of. The old maxim of 'It'll do us good to go down' doesn't work anymore. It'll fuck us up. And yeah, it'll be Reidy and Murray's fault as well. But they can walk away from Sunderland. We can't.
  2. Rob STID

    Rob STID Midfield

    That's probably the post with the most sense i have heard i a long time. I was trying to put that point across but I couldn;t have said it better than that! I'll be with you on the 24th when we play everton!!!

    Sunderland Till I Die, Sunderland Till I Die!! I know I am I'm sure I am, I'm Sunderland Till I Die!!!!!!!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ta Rob. Was too long, but there you go. The one about fave programme seller got more replies! Go figure.

    See you there fella.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    So good I posted twice.
  5. Paris Mackem

    Paris Mackem Midfield

    Good Post. I'm with you on the booing being devisive as are the Reid In/Reid Out polls. Like I've said before, these only serve to split the supporters resulting in muted support during the games. Add the booing on top of that and the players also feel the tension and pressure resulting in poor performances on the pitch.

    Like you said in your post and I said in one of me 'Entirely Personal View..' posts, Relegation is no longer something that can be taken lightly (that's not the right word - but you get my drift)... there are enormous financial implications and clubs just don't 'bounce-back' as much as they used to... Look at Bradford, Sheff Wed., Coventry, Wimbledon, Forest.

    Look at that list and then ask yourself if you want to add Sunderlands name to it before you start the boo tactics..

    I'm not saying don't protest at our current plight in some form or other but just don't make your protest by getting on the backs of the team during the game.
  6. Wolfman

    Wolfman Midfield

    Your quite right mate. Im as pissed off as anyone about whats happened in the last 18 months, and I don't think Reid can take us any further. But Ive always strongly believed that when we're at the match its our duty to get behind the eleven players in red and white. I know its not always as simple as that, but booing our own players will achieve nothing at all, especially when individuals such as Kilbane and Dazza are booed as their names are read out. I feel the same about people leaving early. I know some people may have genuine reasons to leave early (eg. work on Saturday evenings, or family committments) but this can't apply to the large number who leave early week after week.

    I think next season we have to try harder to re create the old Roker Roar, cos at quite a few home games the atmosphere was pretty poor, lets be honest.
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