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Hi Folks...

I messed up and forgot to order mum's flowers for her birthday tomorrow. Need a great florist in town to deliver for tomorrow. Who are your go to florists???


Has to be the Wild Bunch
I went to school with Lisa and she’s absolutely top drawer. She told me she started the business with 200 quid.

She’s wound down her businesses somewhat just to spend more time with her family which is a sound philosophy in my book.

I called her up recently to send flowers for my aunty’s 80th, and a couple of weeks later for my ailing family member, and both times she was absolutely spot on, smooth transaction and flowers delivered on the correct days nee bother. Both recipients over the moon by all accounts.

She loves what she does and seems to be bloody good at it too. Well done her!
Are they even open anymore? Moved from Durham Road and their shop in Hendon is closed as well. No idea where they even are these days
See above. She does a lot of work out of the shed in her back garden in Ettrick Grove. I think she has one shop that she opens when she can be arsed in Villette Road or Ryhope Road or summat.
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