Ben Stokes

The Rat

Did you see the foreign papers yesterday trying to create a story?

I don’t want to repeat the headline like but his wife soon cleared it

Just a warning for Ben that they’re always on your case
Yet bods on here would rather believe the likes of Guido Fawkes. Weird.
I don't think this is a fair comment.

I don't think many people are jumping on Stokes in that thread - to be honest most people are accepting his and his wife's version. I, personally, don't see any other choice than to believe her, given the nature of the story.

But even then, people aren't believing Guido Fawkes. People are making their own judgements of the pictures. Shooting the messenger is an easy way of not engaging - and that applies to all stories. It's not a particular problem in this case because it's just gossip. But it's a huge problem in terms of politics imo. Engage with the message.