Bancroft returns 2020

Silly Point

Hopefully the silence on overseas at Yorkshire next year is because the current management will have no part in choosing any and will have fucking off. Far more likely to be down to confusion, disorganisation and muddled thinking behind the scenes though with the chuckle brothers remaining in charge


Very interesting .....if true, I’m hoping it’s because he’s acquired some affinity for us.
He spoke well in the interview with Harmy and I imagine he’ll appreciate the benefit of playing for us which led to his Aussie recall.

Would love him to be back in 2020, as I mentioned on the Review thread.

With him returning, I feel we’re a solid 3 or 4 away from a title charge.
Latham might be trying to get fixed up with an IPL contract. Or maybe unwilling to commit for the whole season which Bancroft appears happy to do.
I see Bancroft is back playing for Western Australia this weekend in their state 50 over competition.


Central Defender
I’m in no way ITK but I had my son at the mini jets camp at the Riverside in the holidays. I overheard some bloke having some kind of business call in Bannatynes saying that Bancroft had signed for next year.