Anyone remember Runaround with Mike Reid ?

I just remember laughing at the dipshits who doubted their initial correct answer and jumped in the wrong queue at the last second because it was longer.
Other than that I can’t remember much about it apart from Mike Reid being a typical gruff voiced cockney geezer.
Think Jimmy Saville making kids dreams come true took the prize for that one :oops:

As @Space Hopper said the other day, the list of famous 70s TV presenters, or as it's now known, the Sex Offenders Register
Uncle Gary asking if you wanted to be in his gang..... Uncle Jimmy making sure your seat belt was on as he drove you off... where you were met by Uncle Rolf as he taught you how to swim...


Wasn`t there a game on that where you had to answer questions and you could keep all the prizes you could hold but if you got a question wrong you got a cabbage? I think it was called Cabbages and Kings or something.
There was. You had to balance the cabbage or lose your prizes. Kids today don’t know what they missed