anyone know how much it costs on the bus to get from Peterlee to Sunderland?

Discussion in 'Gold' started by trevor, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. trevor

    trevor Guest

    I only have £5 on me and I want to know how much I can spend on me dinner
  2. David M

    David M Winger

    You'll be lucky to get a return for less than £5.

    If you only need a single, then Gregg's is probably your best bet for some scran!
  3. tbf greggs is about all he will find
  4. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    Somebody admitting to having a £5 in Peterlee. I predict a riot!
  5. Why not just imagine you are in Sunderland? You then have a fiver to splash out on fish and chips plus a drink and bun.There may be change to get a canny mix up too;)
    You could always hitchhike next time and have a packed lunch in a bum bag..sorted:-D
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  6. trevor

    trevor Guest

    I'm at work in Peterlee, I got a lift in this morning and I forgot about busfare to get home.

    I don't have £5 I have £4.20 cos I got a bottle of pop this morning.

    I'm not going to have enough to get me dinner & get home am I?
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  7. eat when you get home man
  8. trevor

    trevor Guest

    I've had nowt all day man, I'll not get home till six o clock
  9. make you appreciate it more
  10. trevor

    trevor Guest

    does any fucker actually fucking know how much it costs then or what
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  11. :cool::lol:
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  12. £4.30
  13. trevor

    trevor Guest


    piss off
  14. Pell

    Pell Striker

    it costs £4.85 for a single
  15. trevor

    trevor Guest

    that can't be right it's only £6 for a return.

    Anyway I bought a single solitary corned beef pasty for 80p for me bait. So I hope it no more than £3.40

    I'm still fucking starving
  16. Pell

    Pell Striker

    its £3.41 for a single
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  17. Popeye

    Popeye Midfield

    alternatively order a taxi and pay for it on your arrival home or ask a colleague to borrow you some money?

    I used to work in Peterlee and would have offered to take you home but seeing as I now don't, I won't.
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  18. trevor

    trevor Guest

    fuck off
  19. Frosty Kempes

    Frosty Kempes Midfield

    Walk to Easington Village and get on there then you will have enough for a cheese pasty.
  20. Pell

    Pell Striker

    youl get hoofed off for that kind of language sonny jim
    and then youl have spent your last £3.41 and cant afford a taxi
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