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Discussion in 'Cricket' started by The Rat, May 11, 2019.

  1. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    Jonathan Liew, a very good writer usually did a poor piece the other week trying to get outrage, saying there was some none acceptance of Archer because he was black basically, which is bullshit.

    It briefly mentioned Aggers but nout too bad I didn't think

    Aggers been complaining on twitter for ages about him

    But this is what he has been sending in private

    Robert on Twitter


    I can act the dick sometimes but I've never sent anyone messages like that ever, out of line like

    funny though
  2. Aidan11

    Aidan11 Winger

    Definitely odd behaviour but I've never liked Agnew.

    Another journo who has his head up the ECBs arse.
  3. Greavsie

    Greavsie Winger

    I like Agnew but he’s drawn attention to an article that few read and fewer thought was controversial

    He comes across as thin skinned and immature.
  4. TheRey

    TheRey Central Defender

    To be fair though, if someone tried to imply I was a racist, I'd be fucking livid too.
  5. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    The article was laughable it annoyed me

    There was more people kicking off with trott than archer

    But he didn’t really say he was a racist like

    Pathetic by Agnew, few other journalist on there saying he’s done the same to them

    He’s certainly not the saint he tries to make out, will remember this when he’s slating people for sledging
  6. I don’t like Liew’s writing at all. It’s schmalzy, sentimental and I don’t think he really has his finger on the pulse. It’s very superior
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  7. callum

    callum Central Defender

    Not pinning it down to racism, but certainly something up when people object to Archer playing ‘because he isn’t English’, despite the fact half the team are as English as him.
  8. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    No more so that when it happened under Trott though

    Which is the point

    Liew was saying basically its because he is black

    You make a point about passports etc, you are right, not really what Liew was tying to say
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  9. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Winger

    You can't judge people by their type of skin these days.
  10. Aggers was openly anti Jennings too.
  11. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    Absolutely great point

    Almost to the point where it was very harsh

    Liews pieces usually do well but that piece didn’t land at all
  12. Aidan11

    Aidan11 Winger

    I wonder if the BBC sack him for this.

    I doubt they will. He's no Danny Baker after all.
  13. mikemanc

    mikemanc Winger

    Aye, calling someone in a private message is exactly the same as what Baker did
  14. Aidan11

    Aidan11 Winger

    It was a private message but it's been made public. It therefore shows Agnew, an employee of the BBC, in a bad light and potentially damaging to the corporation's image which has been very fragile since it was discovered they were employing celebrity paedophiles.
  15. jackpunch

    jackpunch Central Defender

    The fact that Liew published Agnew's DM shows what a spanner he is. I'm not a fan of Agnew but Liew is a complete fuckwit
  16. Greavsie

    Greavsie Winger


    If they’d had a grown up sensible conversation then I’d agree. The fact he just abused him makes it ok in my book
  17. The Rat

    The Rat Striker

    What I am more annoyed about is that Agnew is on holiday for the first 2 games

    What the fuck was he doing before this series started then?

    You can't go on like he did like, I don't think I have ever sent messages like that to anyone.
  18. jackpunch

    jackpunch Central Defender

    Probably agree to be honest in hind sight. Social media is a mess. I guess Agnew had been on the merlot

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