A humble apology

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Boy have I made a cock of myself, those quotes together make some reading , highly embarrassing

First and foremost, I am very proud of my parents being from Sunderland, my Mum from Ford estate and my Dad from Granville st Pallion I am equally proud to be a SAFC supporter all my life, when cut I bleed ren n white stripes as they say.Durham fc called me a cockney, i was born just outside London but spent every school holiday in Sunderland, so you can imagine it's not the first time I've been called "cockney" he did call me a "junkie" this is not true, however i used to do drugs, I still do.. bit I used to too!

I had a c#@t of a childhood was put with a foster family and then borstal by my real folks, I left a small town at 15 and moved to London, this is where I made a life for myself , the wrong way, mixed with the lowest, aged 26 I suddenly stopped what I had become good at and answered an ad in the London paper, This was the beginning of my career in Ad sales, long story short I was very successfull.

During this last few months of making a cock of myself the main ( but not only ) reason has been name dropping, here is the thing, due to life sometimes being a c#@t of a thing for me, I've always seen it as just something positive when one meets someone famous , a story to tell thats all.

However , I am guilty of using a forum for my own vanity and insecurity , for that I apologise.

One thing I can catagorically sate is that I have never told I single lie, at no time have I made shit up,FACT. You couldn't make my life up . it's been both horribble and fantastic. Wouldn't change a thing.

Winnie called me a fantasist. Spot on , absofookinlutley but not about sitting in a snug in an irish bar having a pint with noel Gallagher or partying in my friend Leonards Chateau in Montreal with leonardo fookin DiCaprio or writing a screenplay or getting into films

I fantasize about what my son will be like when my wife gives birth next year of about building a luxury hotel on the island of Gili Meno in Indonesia

"ambition is but the shadow of the substance of a dream"

bragging should be done about how good a father you are or how good a person you've been it should be used for elitism, every man is created equal, at least that is what I tell the little old Bulgarian lady who scrubbs the floor of my penthouse every other tuesday anyway.

I certainly wouldn't fantasize about getting into the movie business as it is right there for me, the rest is up to me as they say.One thing that did surprise me was the lambasting for wanting to get into movies, can you imagine our grandfathers , who probably worked in the yards or the pit , laughing because you wanted to get into computers or graphic design etc

Although I do take responsibility for bringing this on myself

Once again I apologise for using the forum for my own vanity

Now if I may i would like to retire from public life in order to spend more time with my family

As this is the internet and none of you know mw , I leave you with a few words from those that do .

god bless

"all i know is he loved his Mum" Ronnie & Reggie Kray

"Who do you think I was running from" Desert Orchid RIP

" I did not have sexual relations with Greedminds" President Clinton

" I asked him if he wanted a frozen banana?
he said "no...but I would like a regular banana later ..so yeh"

Mitch Hedberg

"there is only one person in this world i'd like to twat more than our kid, and thats my old mate Greedminds"
Noel Gallagher
now a word from the man himself



Greedminds - I haven't a clue who you are, marra, but ... it's been emotional ! :lol:


Bunch of bastards. You've fuckin tipped him over the edge.


Greedminds was filmed in front of a live studio audience
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